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SEO Content Marketing Manager + Copywriter + Content Strategist for B2B SaaS, MarTech & HR.

Contributor on Entrepreneur.com, Hackernoon, Pangea.ai, and others.

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My name is Taiwo Sotikare. I am an SEO Content Marketer with expertise in B2B SaaS, MarTech, and Human Resources.

I’ve been creating content, developing marketing strategies, and managing content teams for the past five years.

My writing skills are conversational, exciting, and yet top-notch. 

My content undergoes a series of editing for grammar, engagement, flow, and conversion.

I take my time to create high-quality, comprehensive (long-form and short-form) articles that persuasively solve readers' problems.

I love to provide the best information on the subject matter.

I also employ SEO keywords to ensure the content rank on Google search engines.

My core competencies are SEO content writing, editorial, content distribution, research, search engine marketing, content strategy, management, project management, and product-led growth.

I will deliver top-quality, professional, crystal-clear SEO articles that best capture your brand's essence, boost your website traffic, and generate quality customers.

High quality and on-time delivery are guaranteed.

B2B SaaS & MarTech Articles

Essential Factors You Should Consider When Hiring a Software Development Company

Choosing the right software development company for your project is a principal decision you must make to avoid getting it wrong.

The right software development company can conceptualize your vision and deliver excellent results. The wrong one puts you at the edge of your product launch, spending millions of dollars without remarkable results and struggling to bring out the fundamental idea.

This article is a brief yet detailed exemplary roadmap to help you navigate the pool of software devel

How to Choose the Best Cloud Computing Software for Your Small Business

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

SaaS, IaaS and PaaS are popular cloud computing software we use to create, build and store information over the cloud. This software helps us build, host and manage all business activities on the internet. There is hardly a single day we don't interact with at least one of these three forms of software — hence the need to have a basic knowledge of what these cloud computing software do and how we can leverage them even more for our

15 Essential SaaS Tools to Boost Your Productivity as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, if there is something I have come to appreciate in the evolving SaaS industry, it is how they make our lives easier. Software as a Service, also known as SaaS, is a cloud-based delivery software model that provides users access to software through the internet. Our world currently boasts over 30,000 SaaS tools for different industries. In the article, I will discuss 15 essential SaaS tools that can help you boost your productivity as an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, you

Is Ruby on Rails Dead? Expert’s Review | Pangea.ai

"There's a lot of things that Ruby is great at, but long-running processes? Particularly memory-intensive ones? Not so much." – Alex Payne, former Twitter developer.

Twitter used to be one of the biggest sharks that used Ruby on Rails for its web development. However, the platform constantly experiences a hit on the wall due to its massive number of users. Hence, Twitter migrates most of its code from Ruby Scala to Java.

Twitter VP of Infrastructure Operations Engineering, Mazen Rawashdeh, wro

Business Management & Human Resources Articles

10 Simple, Productive Activities You Can Do When You Aren't Motivated to Work

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

As an entrepreneur, your routine activities are often connected to building your business, monitoring business performance and making more money. However, occasionally, you may feel overwhelmed, tired and unmotivated. Generally, one would advise something like visiting the park, getting some fresh air or maybe something that can help your mind settle and make you want to work. However, what happens if those things work? My best advi

How to Manage Entrepreneurship Burnout and Remain Productive

Entrepreneurship comes with many challenges, and eliminating burnout is almost impossible. First, you constantly look at the tons of milestones you’ve set for the year, and you get aghast if you will ever accomplish them.

Then, you think to yourself, only if I can put in more energy – as if the one you have been putting in before wasn’t enough. But the fact is, it is never enough until you start seeing yourself staring at an empty mirror without the right motivation to work.

According to Harva

What Business Managers Should Know About Front-End Development | Pangea.ai

Front-end development is a crucial aspect of creating a web project. It is the graphical interface people will see and interact with when using a tech product like software, a web application, website, etc. Business managers are responsible for managing the company's day-to-day operations and also overseeing the team's activities. They develop innovative ideas, implement business strategies, and create the road map to business success. Achieving these successes may require building a tech produc

Digital Marketing & SEO Marketing Articles

What is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Do You Need it for SEO? | HackerNoon

Google (AMP) also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages is not a ranking factor on Google or other search engines You can optimize wour website speed even without AMP

Google AMP, also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), has been one of the surest hacks among website owners to improve their website speed, which also helps in improving their ranking on the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). The truth is AMP is not a ranking factor. Speed is. And you don’t need to switch your website to AMP

Technical SEO: Website Auditing and Optimization | HackerNoon

Technical SEO is one of the five branches of SEO, including off-page SEO. The holy grail of SEO is made possible and easy with this simple exercise. The chief goal of performing a Technical SEO Audit and Optimization is to make your website more CRAWLABLE**,**FAST** and**SECURE** The Basics Tenets of Technical SEO are to make the website more 'Crawlable' and 'FAST' Your website must be optimized and filtered to appear on the search engine result page.


Local Seo Vs. Global Seo: Which is Best For your Nigerian Business

One major puzzlement Nigerian Entrepreneurs undergo when moving their business online is deciding which type of SEO is best for them. Should they employ local SEO or global SEO?

Many aren’t aware if there is any particular classification of Local or global SEO classification.

Out of curiosity, I recently surveyed to

Firstly, know the percentage of Nigerian businesses with a website or online presence.

Secondly, identify the number of businesses driving traffic to their website through online

5 Ways to Protect Your Website From Google Penalties | HackerNoon

This article explains how to protect your site from being a victim of the Google SEO penalty. The entire Google quality guideline is structured towards a particular goal; to give searchers reliable results for their search queries. The algorithm will keep evolving toward web pages with a great user experience. With this, you will be the one anticipating an update in the algorithm. With every update, Google periodically updates your search issues that may affect your web page ranking. So, you sho

The Exciting World of Search Engines Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Gurus in the house, gather here and let's have a chitchat.

In all honesty, 99% of the time, when optimizing your client's website or blog for search engines, which platform do you prioritize? I bet you Google.

Unless you are from Russia and China, where most users use their indigenous search engines (Yandex and Baidu), virtually everyone uses Google as their primary search engine.

And, even in Russia, about half of the population still uses Google as their primary search engine.

How to Do your Website SEO Yourself

Have you been struggling with improving your website traffic on search engines? Have you tried several self-claimed SEO consultants or specialists but had zero results? Or perhaps you are on a budget and can’t afford to hire a professional SEO consultant yet? Whichever case you fall into, this article is ultimately for you.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the art of optimizing a website to get indexed or rank high on the search engine result page.

Search engines are the likes