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My name is Taiwo Sotikare. I am an SEO Content Marketer with expertise in B2B SaaS, MarkTech, and Human Resources.

I’ve been creating content, developing marketing strategies, and managing content teams for the past five years.

My writing skills are conversational, exciting, and yet top-notch. And my content undergoes a series of editing for grammar, engagement, flow, and conversion.

I take my time to create high-quality and comprehensive articles that persuasively solve readers' problems.

I love to provide the best information on the subject matter.

I also employ SEO keywords to ensure the content rank on Google search engines.

My core competencies are SEO, content writing, editorial, content distribution, social media marketing, research, search engine marketing, content strategy, management, project management, and product-led growth.

If you hire me, I promise to deliver top-quality, professional, and crystal-clear SEO articles that best capture your brand's essence, boost your website traffic, and generate quality customers.

High quality and on-time delivery are guaranteed.

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Boost your web design efficiency with the best AI tools for web designers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the focus of 2023 Q1. The emergence of AI-powered design tools, such as Microsoft's Sketch2Code, Wix ADI, 10Web, and others, have revolutionized the web design industry. According to market analysis, the AI software market will reach $118.6 billion in annual revenue by 2025.

As a web designer or developer, the euphoria of unleashing your creative potential on a project can quickly hit a wall when overwhelmed by project-specific factors, such as project management

How Businesses Leverage Cloud Data Warehouse for Growth

In this era of industrialization, modern businesses flourish on the foundations of cloud computing, in which cloud data warehouses are one of its pillars. Here is how contemporary businesses leverage this weapon for business growth.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The cloud data warehouse is a game changer for modern businesses — it's a tool that companies use to keep up with emerging trends and continue to record an all-time high in business activities and custo

5 entrepreneurship podcasts that will get you inspired this week

Do you need help to stay motivated and inspired in your entrepreneurial journey? Please note you are not alone on this journey. Getting down and unmotivated is typical of the entrepreneur journey. According to The Hustle’s survey of more than 300 entrepreneurs, 63% of business owners reported that they’ve dealt with or are currently dealing with burnout.

As an entrepreneur, navigating the ups and downs of building a successful business can be challenging. That’s why seeking advice from successf

How AI and Machine Learning Are Improving Fraud Detection in Fintech

Identity theft is common, but with the rise of AI and machine learning, its effect on the fintech industry has been reduced drastically. Here's how.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Internet fraud is a menace in our various financial institutes, and many fintech companies have been victims of this fraud game. Detection of these attacks comes in two ways: through inconsistent traditional methods or using ever-growing artificial intelligence mechanisms.


How to Respectively Decline Employees' Suggestions

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

One of your crucial responsibilities as the CEO or General Manager is making the best decision for your company. While at this, there are occasions when your employees are buzzing with ideas, which seem fantastic to them, but may not be the best fit for the company's growth. Reasons may be because of the company's current stage or other factors.

Giving constructive decline to employees' suggestions is far more than just a typical s

The Beginner's Guide to Understanding Data Science and Machine Learning

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

We are on the brink of a massive technological revolution as we slowly move from the water and steam-powered first industrial revolution to the artificial intelligence-powered fourth industrial revolution. The theories backing data science and machine learning have existed for hundreds of years. There used to be times when proto-computers would take almost forever to compute a billion calculations. No one dared think of artificial i

15 Essential SaaS Tools to Boost Your Productivity as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, if there is something I have come to appreciate in the evolving SaaS industry, it is how they make our lives easier. Software as a Service, also known as SaaS, is a cloud-based delivery software model that provides users access to software through the internet. Our world currently boasts over 30,000 SaaS tools for different industries. In the article, I will discuss 15 essential SaaS tools that can help you boost your productivity as an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, you

10 Simple, Productive Activities You Can Do When You Aren't Motivated to Work

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

As an entrepreneur, your routine activities are often connected to building your business, monitoring business performance and making more money. However, occasionally, you may feel overwhelmed, tired and unmotivated. Generally, one would advise something like visiting the park, getting some fresh air or maybe something that can help your mind settle and make you want to work. However, what happens if those things work? My best advi

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